Fixing a vehicle battery wire is very easy but new car owners and non-experts may have difficulty identifying the right battery terminal to plug the battery wire. That is why we have written this post to show you how to do it the right way.

To find out the various ways to distinguish between a negative and positive battery terminal and the way to fix the wire correctly.

how to connect wires to a battery terminal:

  1. The symbols on the battery:

    The easiest way to know which battery terminal to put a battery wire is by looking at the symbols inscribed on the battery. Often times, batteries come with a (+) sign on the positive terminal and (-) sign on the negative terminal. Now to identify your negative terminal, most cars’ negative terminal is the black wire while the positive terminal is the Red wire.
    In case your battery doesn’t show these colors differently, look out for the next way.

  2. Size of the terminal and wire:

    The Positive battery terminal is usually the bigger one while the negative battery terminal is smaller. Now put the Red wire on the bigger one and the black one on the negative terminal.
    Should in case you are still confused about how to put your battery terminal, follow the next steps

  3. The thickness of the wire:

    It is possible for both battery wires to be black colored or any other color. In this case, you should look at the thickness of the wires. The thickest wire is often times the positive terminal and the tinier one belongs to the negative.

open car with battery

Car with battery

So let’s summarize, here are the ways to know which battery wire is Negative and positive:

  1. The positive and negative symbol on battery.
  2. Size of the terminal
  3. The thickness of the wire

Now that you know how to fix battery wires on a battery terminal you don’t need to be intimidated about changing car batteries from one vehicle to another one.

If after following these steps, you still are not sure which battery wire belongs to which terminal, reach out to an expert. We are really good at these things. And if you think the battery needs fixing, you should contact us here and our delivery team can transport it to your destination if you can’t pick it up at our business office.