1. When do you deliver the batteries?

There are 3 types of delivery- ASAP, expedited and standard

ASAP: These are generally late nights (after 7PM) and possibly Sundays as well. However, this delivery service is dependent on your location, availability of stock and at the discretion of our management team.

Expedited: Orders placed before 11AM will be on/before 6PM that day

Standard: All orders placed after 11AM will be delivered on/before 6PM the following business day.

For all orders, an exact delivery date & time confirmation will be provided within an hour of you placing your order.

2. What happens if the battery I ordered does not fit my car/generator?

We will only confirm an order when we are certain we have obtained the correct vehicle information and battery specification from you. In instances where we are unsure, we will ask you to send us a picture of your current battery.

If we confirm a battery delivery and the battery size is wrong when we deliver and attempt installation, we will forfeit our delivery fees and replace it with the correct battery.

3. Do your batteries have warranty?

All our batteries have warranties. Please note that warranties are only applicable if we install and test your electrical system and your vehicle/generator electrical system functions properly.

In the event that we test your electrical system and it is not working properly, we will be unable to provide any warranty on the battery. However, if you rectify the issue and return to our store for a re-test within a 7 days of purchase, we will provide our warranty if the vehicle passes the electrical system check.

4. What happens if I do not need the battery?

We will do our best to ensure we are certain your issue is a faulty battery when confirming your order. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that issue is accurately diagnosed by a vehicle electrician before placing an order for a new battery.

We will offer a full refund of the battery purchase price but we are unable to refund any delivery fees paid due to costs we incurred in delivering the battery to you.

5. What happens if I am not there at the time of delivery?

We always work with our customers to ensure we deliver batteries to them at a time most convenient for them. However, due to the traffic conditions in Lagos, we ask our customers to contact us immediately if they are unable to be present at the agreed delivery window to receive the battery.

Our delivery team will wait 30 minutes before leaving. In the event that a customer does not arrive within 30 minutes of the agreed upon delivery window, any delivery fee paid will have to be forfeited and a new delivery scheduled.